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100 Years of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Dear comrades,

Today, the world communist movement celebrates the centenary anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The events which occurred in Russia one hundred years ago toppled the rule of capitalism and for the first time in history set an entire country on the course to building a socialist society.

Much has happened since then, including the rise of a fascist reaction to the Soviet power followed by its total defeat and the spread of socialism across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Much like in the early stages of the rise of capitalism, socialism too has seen its retreats and the momentary victories of counter-revolutionary forces. In a post-Soviet world, the centennial of the October Revolution is certainly a bitter-sweet occasion. Our movement has come far, much farther than would have been thought realistic before that night in Petrograd, yet we have farther still to go.

Despite incurring losses, our party and our movement have much to celebrate in the victories working people and socialist revolutionaries made then and since. The October Revolution inspired the revitalization of the world socialist movement into a more militant and revolutionary one, including the establishing of our Communist Party. The October Revolution made possible the shattering of the old colonial order in the global south, including the non-aligned independence movements such as in India, as well as the more radical liberation movements such as in Vietnam. The world situation advanced at an accelerated rate towards the aims of communism and maximum freedom for all, including the situation in our own country where Jim Crow was defeated, the gains of the New Deal were won, and heroic feats in the fight for equality and working class unity have been accomplished.

There is still a long road ahead of us. As we look back on the last one hundred years, we can marvel at how far we have come from the days when slavery was a living memory for many and the extreme inequities of the Gilded Age were the reality for most. If we remain true to the cause, future communists will look back on this time with similar feelings of how much we have too look forward to yet.

Let's go forward together to new Octobers, to new victories, and to the building of a new society of peace, democracy, and social justice. Long live the Great October Socialist Revolution!

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