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Senate Bill 4 Is A Direct Assault On Documented and Undocumented Immigrants

Senate Bill 4, the bill branded as a "crackdown on sanctuary cities," is a direct assault on documented and undocumented immigrants and puts the democratic rights of all Texans further into jeopardy. 

The law will require that all local governments in Texas cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a Gestapo-esque crackdown on workers who, for various circumstantial reasons, don't have proper immigration or visiting documentation. It effectively legalizes and promotes racial profiling by police officers, enabling them to arbitrarily demand proof of citizenship or visa status from anyone they might consider to be in the country illegally based on their appearance.

It should be understood by all that being in the United States without authorization from the State Department is not a criminal offense. Anyone residing in the US without such authorization is subject to deportation. The act of entering the United States without authorization is a misdemeanor offense.

It should also be understood that the term "sanctuary city" predates the current immigration crisis. Prior to the Civil War, sanctuary cities existed as local governments that refused to comply with mandates to return escaped slaves to their owners.

This law is not designed to make people safe or to improve communities in any way whatsoever. It is designed to exacerbate a climate of fear that undocumented workers live in, to ensure that they live in insecurity and are as isolated as possible from resources to better their situation. Undocumented workers are not protected by labor laws such as the minimum wage and basic health and safety regulations. This law is intended to make sure that undocumented workers remain as oppressed and exploited as possible.

Furthermore, this law is intended to directly translate into boosted profits for private prisons that will be paid per detainee. Private prisons are among the most enthusiastic lobbyists for laws such as this that ensure increased numbers of detainees and thus increased profits to boast to corporate masters and shareholders.

The Communist Party of Texas calls on all progressive people of good conscience to come out in full force in opposition to the implementation of this racist and oppressive law, to put pressure on local governments to legally challenge it, and to stand in solidarity with our undocumented comrades in the struggle for our common interests as a working class.

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