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Happy New Year from the Communist Party

The following was written by John Bachtell, Chairman of the National Committee of the CPUSA

As Donald Trump’s inauguration approaches it feels like the calm before the storm. On the horizon looms an extreme weather event capable of immense destruction. However, amidst the looming dark clouds are rays of hope. In the words of Harvey Milk, “Hope will never be silent.” The majority of Americans reject Trump’s dystopia. His election immediately sparked protests and grassroots gatherings to organize communities of resistance. Hundreds of thousands are expected to demonstrate in Washington, D.C. and cities across the nation during the inauguration.Alarm is spreading over the wave of hate crimes in the wake of the Trump victory and open support of neo-Nazis and fascists.

Opposition is mounting to the nomination of white supremacists, billionaires, generals, privateers and climate deniers to the cabinet. Scientists, artists, journalists and people of faith are standing up for the truth. Sanctuary cities and states are declaring their determination to resist all aspects of the Trump agenda, and the global community has vowed to defend the Paris Climate Accord. We are entering an era of struggle in scale and intensity unlike anything in recent decades. The outcome can well determine the fate of nature and humanity.

To defeat the authoritarian regime and the savage Trump/GOP attack on democratic rights, living standards and an ecology in crisis, tens of millions will have to stand up like never before. The battle will test all who believe in democracy, peace, equality and climate justice.

The Communist Party USA is in the thick of this battle for the future. We will not cede an inch in any arena.

We join with millions who embrace the vision of a united multi-racial, multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-gender, young and old working class and people, of social equality, expanded democracy, a peaceful world, a society where nature and humanity are one and imbued with the highest moral values.We promise to give our all to this fight in 2017. In the meantime, we wish you an enjoyable holiday season and happiness, warmth, sustenance and good cheer with family, friends and community.

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