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"Commander in Chief Forum" a showcase of imperialist propaganda

​Last night's "Commander in Chief Forum" was purely a propaganda spectacle used to insert extreme imperialist and anti-Russia warmongering into liberal talking points while making peaceful noninterventionism appear weak and foolish.

What were considered right wing conspiracies used to manipulate and mobilize the country into supporting the illegal invasion of Iraq 13 years ago are now successfully being promoted as the liberal centrist position without any major news outlet, even independent "progressives", questioning the narrative. This is a major propaganda victory for the neoliberal establishment and, should things proceed as they are, the NATO escalations in eastern Europe may very well turn into the next Iraq or Yugoslavia under a president Clinton.

Clearly the Democratic Party has become the new home for neoliberal imperialism while the Republican Party is transitioning into a home for fascism. The attempts made to destabilize the power of the neoliberal faction of the Democratic Party and turn it into a progressive party have failed and backfired as that faction has expanded as the ruling majority. This being the case, it is unclear to what extent activity within the Democratic Party should be pursued at all by progressive people.

All Communists, socialists and progressives must reject the imperialist narrative being pushed by the Clinton machine and its media collaborators. This includes respecting the democratic will of the Crimean people to rejoin the Russian Federation as expressed in the 2014 referendum and rejecting the outright lie that Russia has "invaded Ukraine", a claim supported by zero evidence. We will continue to support peace and reject imperialist war.

No war with Russia.

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