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DNC leak exposes capitalist democracy as a fraud, Democratic primary rigged

This week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be accepting the nomination by the Democratic Party to be the next President of the United States. This will take place in the immediate aftermath of a bombshell email leak from Wikileaks which has exposed the Democratic National Committee as having not only not been impartial during the primary contest and in support of the Clinton campaign, but actively collaborating with her campaign and plotting sabotage on the campaign of Bernie Sanders.

The leaked emails reveal that the chairwoman of the DNC and former manager of Clinton's failed 2008 campaign, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was using her position to manipulate the outcome of the primary to make sure that Clinton would win this time around. They also revealed that top donors were going to be rewarded with key positions in the Clinton administration, a major violation of FEC laws. Collusion between the corporate media and the Clinton campaign was also shown to be much more than just a paranoid fear of anti-establishment critics, as many prominent news personalities in the corporate media were revealed in the emails as having direct ties to the Clinton campaign and having taken queues from the establishment forces of the DNC. Among many outrageous revelations, one of the most despicable has been a plot to use Sanders' religious views against him by labeling him as an atheist and focusing on this as a means to inflame anti-atheist bigotry among Christians. Sanders, who is actually Jewish, called it "an outrage."

In response to the leak, the DNC has attempted to deflect the outrage by pointing to Russia as having played a roll in the leak, even going so far as to insinuate involvement of the Donald Trump campaign as part of a conspiracy with the Putin administration in order to get him elected. While this narrative was pushed everywhere by the corporate media, it had little impact on the mass discussion on social media where it was immediately recognized as a desperate attempt to distract the public from the blatant corruption revealed in the leak by invoking dead Cold War fears. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks being arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, said that there is no proof that Russia had any involvement in the leak.

Thousands of people went into the streets across America on Sunday in the #MarchForBernieUSA which took on even more significance in the aftermath of the email leak. The Bernie Or Bust phenomenon is only intensifying now with a "DemExit" threatening to spoil the race for Clinton with an influx of Sanders enthusiasm going instead to Green candidate Jill Stein. Chants of "Jill, not Hill!" resounded outside of the convention center in Philadelphia on day one of the Democratic National Convention as thousands came out in mass protest of the DNC's fraud and corruption, with many Bernie Sanders supporters rallying around Jill Stein as she spoke of the need to end a political system which demands we vote for the lesser evil rather than the greater good. Inside the convention, speaker after speaker was booed at the podium whenever Hillary Clinton's name was said aloud. All day, there was resurfacing chaos between boos and applause, expressing the extreme divide now critically wounding the Democratic Party.

This is an historic period in American politics. We are witnessing existential threats to the established elites of both major parties. In the Republican Party, the right-wing establishment is being successfully displaced far-right quasi-fascist forces amalgamated through the Trump campaign. In the Democratic Party, there is an ongoing conflict between liberal center-right establishment and a social democratic grassroots movement organized by the Sanders campaign. While the Republican Party establishment seems to have now been removed from the helm of party control (although to be certain still in the ranks of the influential elite), the Democratic Party establishment at present remains at the helm thanks to its lack of hesitation to bend and break laws, defraud its constituents, and achieve its aims by any means necessary, integrity be damned.

What is going to happen from all this remains to be seen. Seven months into 2016 and we can see that all of the old rules seem to be going out the window and the new rules are still being written. The threat posed by Trump and the extremist reactionaries now in control of the Republican Party is not just an existential threat to the Republican Party establishment but to the United States political system as a whole. Unity behind the Democratic Party ticket now seems to become an increasingly difficult aim in light of the revelations of the email leaks which makes the nomination of Hillary Clinton appear to be an organized theft through a rigged primary election.

Now, perhaps to more eyes than ever before, the Democratic Party is exposed as a machine for perpetuating the interests of the super rich who contribute to its finances in exchange for gifts of power and wealth. To the aim of exposing this truth, the political revolution is succeeding.

While it is certainly premature to anticipate a divorce between labor and progressives from the Democratic Party in this election cycle, the dynamics in place right now make this inevitable divorce poised to happen sooner than what may have previously been expected.

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