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Refugees are welcome here

Today, unfortunately while perhaps unsurprisingly, Governor Greg Abbott made public a letter written to President Barack Obama declaring that the State of Texas will refuse to accept refugees from Syria who are trying to escape the increasingly horrific conditions created by war and the the threat of the terrorist gang calling itself the "Islamic State."

This move is nothing more than political grandstanding as the governor has no legal authority to make such a decision as per the US Constitution which delegates all authority to handle foreign relations to the federal government. Appealing to his base of xenophobic far-right extremists and uneducated victims of the Fox News propaganda machine, Governor Abbott only seeks to exploit the internationally felt shock towards in the recent terror attacks in Paris, France for petty political gain and to throw a log on the fire of racist bigotry while distracting people from the real problems facing Texas caused directly by his regime of incompetent and corrupt corporate stooges and lapdogs.

Texas has a long history of accepting refugees from wars abroad, most recently being the new home to thousands from Afghanistan and Iraq after the US imperialist wars there destroyed their old homes and communities. Of these immigrants, not one has become a terrorist subversive seeking to bring their war to Texas. Refugees do not come here and expect or receive an easy life as the far-right propagandists would have us believe. Rehabilitation and assimilation is a long and stressful process, one that native born Americans are lucky to not have to experience.

The Communist Party and all progressive people will welcome refugees from Syria and all countries decimated by imperialism and war to become loved and respected members of our communities. We sharply condemn the unfounded fearmongering of Governor Abbott and his thinly veiled racist bigotry.

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