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Message to Donald Trump on his visit to Laredo

To Donald J. Trump​,

While you are in Texas, the epicenter of the implementation of neoliberal conservatism in America, please take notice of the effects of the policies you advocate. One in four of our children lives in poverty. 38% of our citizens have no healthcare coverage. One out of six young people are neither in school or in work. Millions of undocumented immigrants who aspire only to live freely and work hard live alienated from society in the shadows.

The policies you and your party of oligarchs seek to implement have here benefited only the big business owners and those who live not through labor but through owning capital. For the people who work for a living, it has only resulted in longer work hours, lower wages, and a lower quality of life. Some still accept the illusions of capitalism that what's good for business is good for everyone, but more and more this illusion is collapsing as thousands upon thousands have rallied for a completely new course for society towards democratic socialism.

You live your life as the embodiment of everything that is wrong with America. Your wealth is obtained through inheritance and owning capital - not through labor. Your fame is obtained through being obnoxious, bombastic, and an overall disgusting person. America does not need a president like you, the racist and divisive rhetoric you espouse, or the destructive and anti-people policies you seek to implement.

Please leave Texas and go back to your penthouse in New York where you preach to the millions of Americans struggling to survive how their problems are caused by immigrants and poor people. Enjoy it while you can, because it won't be long before the people wise up and take back the wealth which is rightfully theirs.

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