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Happy May Day from the Communist Party!

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Dear comrades,

To all people of our land - city and country dwellers, students and retirees, members of the armed forces and work force - the Communist Party wishes a happy May Day!

This International Workers' Day, the 125th anniversary of the original day of international solidarity with American workers fighting for the eight-hour day, we stand hand in hand with working people across this continent and all over this planet who are determined to bring about a better world of freedom and justice. Today we celebrate the victories we have made in the struggle for democracy and socialism, including the eight-hour day, public education, a minimum wage, social security, Medicare, and all that working people have fought and died for. However, it is clear that at all times we must remain vigilant as a community against those who would seek to undo the progress we have made.

The threats we face are real. Since the beginning of the recession caused by the illegal activity of Wall Street and big banks, of all new wealth generated during the so-called "recovery", 99 cents of every dollar has gone to the richest one percent of the population. This same one percent now owns 42% of all wealth in the United States while the bottom fourty percent owns less than 2% of all wealth. Despite record high profits, one out of four American corporations pays zero in taxes every year. Meanwhile, for the working class 99%, while our productivity is higher than ever, wages have remained stagnant, costs of living are rising, unemployment is a constant epidemic, and we are told that we must tighten our belts and see our public services cut and disemboweled while the rich receive more tax cuts.

In response to the monopolization of wealth and power into the hands of fewer and fewer people, working people across this country and the world are uniting together to reclaim their stolen futures, to take back what is rightfully ours. The Fight for 15 is advancing forward with growing support. A true political revolution is being waged as the forces unleashed through the Citizens United ruling stand in open and direct confrontation against the power of the people. With the historic announcement of a socialist candidacy for president in a major party, the rule of far right and corporatist plutocracy may be in sight. If we are dedicated and stand together, we can win this fight.

The old world of slavery and suffering is dying. A new world of freedom and abundance is coming to take its place. The dark forces of capitalist domination are morally bankrupt and fundametally weakened in the ever more clearer light of the truth that socialism has brung to humanity. Only through unity and determination can we bring this struggle towards its victorious conclusion that has been centuries in the making.

For peace, jobs, justice, democracy, and socialism - workers of the world, unite!

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