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Corporate-Radical Left Alliance?

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"Be careful, this unnatural alliance with the radical left is not a sustainable one." Those are the words Louisianian governor Bobby Jindal said addressing corporate America this week in response to the overwhelming backlash by American corporations against so-called "religious liberty" laws that guarantee business owners' rights to discriminate against non-heterosexual people by denying service if such people are deemed to be evil by the owner's religion.

Bobby Jindal, who has successfully overseen the corporate transformation of Louisiana into the world's largest prison camp (see Mass Incarceration in Louisiana), came out on Friday in an unprecedented move by publicly threatening US corporations to cease and desist their support for equal treatment of non-heterosexual people or else "they will lose their free market freedoms." Orwellian word-jumbling aside, this further brings to light the continuing factional divide within American capital against itself as factionalism further boils over into more and more overt confrontation and instability.

Yesterday, Texan governor Greg Abbot came out in support of Jindal, saying "America did not create religious liberty, religious liberty created America." While no one can say for sure what exactly the governor meant by this bizarre statement, it comes as no surprise that the far-right governor would openly support legalized discrimination and segregation in the name of "religious liberty," as Abbot himself is a vocal promoter of fundamentalist Christianity and takes no shame in using the public office of Governor of Texas to proselytize his religious convictions weekly.

In the coming week, the Supreme Court of the United States will be hearing arguments for equal marriage recognition for all gender pairs. Earlier this week, a national poll showed that American support for equal marriage recognition reached an record high of 61% in favor. Should the court rule in favor of marriage equality, the ball will be in the Republican's court as to whether or not to pursue federal legislation or a constitutional amendment at the risk of further alienating the American public and young Americans in particular who are the highest likely to support equal marriage recognition and are essential to the future of any party.

As for the new alleged alliance between the radical left and corporate America, we on the left welcome such powers over to our cause warmly and look forward to a future of socialist cooperation, democratic ownership and shared prosperity.

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