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Greg Abbott receives governorship


Today, former Attorney General Greg Abbott was ceremoniously sworn in as the 48th Governor of Texas. Abbott, the hardline-conservative who solidly defeated the progressive candidate Wendy Davis in the 2014 election, openly declared in his innauguration his hostility towards Washington's attempts to maintain law and order in Texas and firm support for continued expansion of the dominion of multinational corporations to exploit and pollute Texas without regard for federal regulation.

A corporate defense lawyer by profession, Abbott has spent his entire career in private practice fighting against people done wrong by corrupt businesses. As Attorney General, Abbott has pursued lawsuit after lawsuit against the Obama adiministration in order to prevent any federal presence in the state of Texas. In his own words, he saw his job as: "I go into the office, I sue Barack Obama, and then I go home." He has sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seventeen times over clean air standards and green-house gas emissions regulation. He filed several lawsuits over the Affordable Care Act, defended the state's discriminatory voter ID laws, and even went to court to argue that Texas cities should not be required to provide wheelchair accessibility, despite himself being a wheelchair-bound parapalegic.

So what's in store in Greg Abbott's Texas? His highest priority stated is to pursue a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and continued refusal of Medicaid expansion for Texans. Next, Abbott says he wants to "protect the 2nd Amendment" by ensuring racist vigilante militias have unlimited access to assault weapons and can openly carry them to terrorize citizens into compliance with their agenda. He has openly declared his intentions to criminalize all public sector unions and lead Texas towards a losely-regulated fully private-sector educational system.

All in all, it's time for activists and organizers to step things up in Texas. It's time to take it to the streets, rally the people against the attack on what little democratic rights people have, and build a movement for real systemic change.

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