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Can you think of a better investment than in a socialist future for Texas and the world? The work of the Communist Party, including this website and online resources, are funded solely by membership dues and donations from grassroots supporters and allies from across Texas and the United States. This money goes to maintaining and expanding these resources, supplying protests and demonstrations, solidarity support for strikes, and all other related expenses of building the framework for a socialist movement in Texas.


Let's keep it real: by our nature, we don't receive any funding from corporations, business interest groups, or big Political Action Committees. We're going up against big business and big money, and while we workers do outmatch them in numbers, we'll never outmatch them in dollars. Money isn't everything, but it sure makes things easier when it comes to paying the bills. If you value the work that we do and the cause we fight for, please consider making a donation to keep it going strong.

Make It Monthly

The monthly sustainer program allows a supporter of modest means to make a substantial contribution over the course of a year. And for an organization like ours that must carefully budget its regular monthly expenses, the dependable monthly income from our sustainers helps keep our work on track. Any amount over zero can add up to a sizable budget to continue our work, and no such amount is too little. Just click "OTHER."


When you sign up for the monthly sustainer plan, every month you'll be making an investment in the future. You can adjust or cancel your sustaining contribution at any time.

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