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The Communist Party is a grassroots organization of community activists and organizers, 15,000 from coast to coast in 2017, fighting to change the world at its foundations. Science and technology make it possible for humanity to transform the earth into a world of freedom and abundance for everyone. What stands in the way of making that happen is an outdated system of false beliefs and violent coercion that presently manifests itself in what is called capitalism. What humanity needs is socialism - a new system update that will put people before profits and resolve the contradictions that lead to the excesses and shortcomings that the present capitalist system cannot address on its own.


Socialism will bring a new era of democracy and progress. The huge corporations and institutions that run the different sectors of our economy will become the common property of the people. All the land and its riches will be protected by government from destruction and unsustainable exploitation. The necessities for a decent life - like housing, electricity, healthcare, etc. - will be guaranteed to all as basic rights that cannot be denied based on one's ability to pay. The vast resources of this country will no longer be wasted on war and imperial occupations, but to address domestic needs, such as eliminating poverty and guaranteeing access to higher education, good jobs, and a dignified and secure life. 


To get this system update, we will need to defeat the powers that be which have a vested interest in preserving the old system. To do this, the working people of this country must come together and democratically collaborate to build solidarity and unity around socialist principles. That's where the Communist Party comes in. We are the vanguard of this process. We are where all progressive people, movements and organizations can come together and forge unity around the common aim of a world in which decisions are made democratically and all people have an equal say in the process. 

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