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Science and technology give us the capability of providing an abundant, happy, free and meaningful life for every person on the planet. What holds us back is an outdated system that puts the major institutions of society under the private control of an unelected aristocracy rather than of the democratic control of all people. Communists fight for that democratic control, for a system called socialism which will put all of society's major institutions under the direct democratic control of society as a whole and make every citizen an equal shareholder of the entire economy, securing the rights and freedoms of working people, for which so many fought and died, as the law of the land.

Enemy Number 1
of the Capitalist

The Communist Party has a proud history of being distinguished as the most dangerous threat to the interests of billionaires and imperialist war criminals. Our involvement as a leading force in the movements for labor rights, civil rights, peace, and international solidarity has taught friend and foe alike that Communists are beyond all doubt equipped with the right ideas to truly and effectively challenge the power structure of capitalism.

Vision for the Future, Focus on the Present

Socialist democracy will put the great wealth of our country to the benefit of the people. To get there, we must have a thoroughly scientific method of analyzing the present situation, devoid of dogmatism and opportunism, on which to base our plan of action. Scientific socialism, as developed by Marx, Engels, Lenin, and others, illuminates the real world with a constantly evolving and advancing understanding of modern society, its past, and its future.

Now More Than Ever, It's Time to Stand Up

The fight for freedom and the full realization of human potential is not just about doing the right thing. This is a fight for the survival of our species and planet as we know it. Climate change and nuclear war pose serious and immanent threats to all of us and our descendants. The Communist Party, having endured the most vicious attacks and slander by the corporate media in this country, continues to call upon the people to rise up and resist. We need socialism if we are to survive.
Join us. We have a world to win.

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